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John Cooper Carpets is open!

We’re delighted to have opened our doors again this morning, 1 June 2020, at John Cooper Carpets. It’s great to be back! We are open Monday – Friday from 10am to 4pm and by appointment on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.

COVID procedures for your safety

For your safety, we are operating with new Social Distancing procedures, as follows:

  • Our team will be washing hands regularly throughout the day and between customers, and will maintain a safe 2 metre distance
  • We have hand sanitiser and tissues available at our entrance, which customers are welcome to use on arrival before entering the shop
  • We also have face masks and gloves available – just ask us on arrival
  • We will be allowing one person or a couple from the same household in to the showroom at a time, there is plenty of space outside to wait undercover (be that for shade or rain!)

Measuring up for your flooring

If you are shielding or in self isolation, Alan will be happy to talk on the phone – in particular to help with measuring up for your flooring. Call him on 01590 675955.

Alternatively if you would like Alan to visit you at home, he will stay socially distant and will wear PPE.

We look forward to welcoming you to John Cooper Carpets soon!

John Cooper Carpets in Lymington Hampshire
Find John Cooper Carpets at 19 Lymington Enterprise Centre, Ampress Lane, Ampress Park.

How do you know when it’s time for a new carpet?

And then how do you bring yourself to make the decision to actually replace your old one?

And then which carpet should you buy?

Easy-clean Greendale carpets are available in an array of natural colours

The answer to that question is simple: Pick one of the new easy-clean Greendale ranges in the most amazing array of natural looking colours – you’d never know it’s not wool and you don’t want wool anymore because of the moths!

The answers to the first two questions are not so straightforward.  As a lifelong carpet retailer who knows everything there is to know about flooring I’m still as careful with my money as the next person. Most of us have been living on the same or a lower income for the last few years and I’m the first to admit that for as long as there’s still life in a used carpet a replacement is not the most exciting reason to part with your hard earned cash!

So I asked one of our customers who recently shared her back story about why she was considering a new carpet to explain the steps to making the eventual decision.

A new carpet for Christmas – one customer’s decision making diary

“You know it’s finally time for a new carpet when the dog has virtually destroyed large sections of the old one while you’ve been out and accidentally left the living room door open.  On several different occasions, in a number of different places. Even if butter wouldn’t melt…

Mabel at John Cooper Carpets can help you choose your new carpet if you like!

“Somehow you hang on a little longer and move the furniture in an increasingly futile attempt to hide the damage, because you’re thinking that you really should redecorate first and there’s never time to do it, and then time goes by and you’re now planning a Christmas party and sod’s law if you buy a new carpet beforehand drinks will for sure get spilled on it.

“But let’s take a look, I’m going to Screwfix in Lymington anyway and it’s easy to pop in to John Cooper Carpets and see what Alan has to say and what new carpets he has in this autumn. (JCC is just across the road from Screwfix and there’s usually a parking place literally outside the door.) 

“As Alan points out, the new carpets from Greendale won’t mind a spill, because they have a protective coating in any case which buys rescue time, plus they’re bleach cleanable too.

“And they won’t make too big a dent in the finances because they are so reasonably priced. And we’ve been hanging on for a while now.

Endeavour carpet range from Greendale

“So next I’m walking out of Alan’s Ampress Park showroom armed with the sample book of the Endeavour range Alan has just shown me, which I have to say I really like even though it’s not a wool carpet.  And actually I’m nervous of wool carpets now anyway.  We have been much more aware of moths in the last couple of years.  Maybe it’s another climate change related difference but there are more of them about and we have heard some awful stories from friends about moths rampaging through their wool carpets. Let’s avoid that risk in future at least!

“Then I’m home and looking at Greendale Endeavour ‘Cumulus’ and ‘Mortar’ in different lights and against both the existing carpet and our various pieces of furniture. These colours are so good. So beautifully neutral, in fact “Mortar” actually goes better with our furniture than our old carpet. And the Endeavour range really looks and feels quality.

“Next step Alan comes to measure, and in fact the quote is quite a lot less than I’d feared a new carpet would cost us.

“So in the end a quick decision – and we WILL have a new carpet for Christmas!”

So do pop to the well-stocked and welcoming John Cooper Carpets showroom on Ampress Park (follow the signs to Screwfix and we’re almost opposite). There is easy and free parking outside. And a cup of coffee too if you have time!

Summer Sale starts 1 July

John Cooper Carpets fresh Greendale carpet for bare feetrpet

This year’s John Cooper Carpets Summer Sale starts on 1 July including “cool” stylish carpets perfect for barefoot summer feet!

The sale will include good savings on our already excellent value for money Greendale carpet range, which as the Greendale member for the New Forest we are proud to supply to our customers.

Greendale Carpets & Floorings is a multi-million pound, not-for-profit, member owned flooring cooperative which supplies and supports over 140 independent retail store members, enabling them to enjoy a purchasing power equal to the big ‘out of town’ multiples on over 200 ranges of carpet containing over 6500 colours, including wool twists, loop piles, velvets and super soft touch Saxony’s covering all price ranges.

It’s a brilliant partnership enabling small independents – which as a condition of Membership also undertake to provide an exceptionally high level of service – to offer great choice at really competitive prices.

Thanks to the enormous choice we can provide thanks to Greendale, whatever your style we are sure to have a carpet to suit!

So do come and see what’s on offer in our well stocked and welcoming showroom on Ampress Park (follow the signs to Screwfix and we’re almost opposite). As always you’ll get trustworthy expert friendly helpful advice backed up by great customer service, right here on your Lymington doorstep. Easy and free parking outside. And a cup of coffee too if you have time!

Stair runners for spring

Stair carpet: a spring treat for your staircase

We’ve written previously about how rugs can complement hard surface floors: how fabulous they can look, how they absorb noise, add comfort, provide warmth and create areas which “ground” the furniture.

Now it’s the turn of the stairs for consideration.

The stair runner – classy compromise between carpeted or hard surface staircase

Choosing suitable flooring for stairs can be tricky. They rise up above eye level as you walk in through most hallways — literally staring you and your visitors in the face.

Rising from a beautiful hard floor surface, a fully carpeted staircase can look plain wrong. 

Whilst stripped wood can of course really show off the beautiful grain of the wood from which your staircase has been crafted, and painted stairs can appear both elegant and simple. 

But a hard floor surface for the stairs which take such a lot of traffic can be just too clattery, whether it’s the vacuum cleaner being bashed over a step or two going up, or somebody thumping down the stairs in a hurry to catch the bus!

Meanwhile carpet is of course so much kinder for bare or slippered feet!

Carpet runners for stairs — the best of both worlds

Like a rug, but for your stairs

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is john-cooper-carpets-alternative-flooring-stair-runner-spots.jpg

A stair runner could be the classic and classy plus modern and creative solution you’ve been searching for.

A smart and stylish stair runner can extend the look and feel of a predominantly hard surface ground floor and show off the staircase itself too, whilst extending seamlessly to upstairs which in most homes will be carpeted. 

A stair runner is a strip of carpet fitted to the middle of your staircase. Unlike the fully carpeted option, runners aren’t as wide as your steps — leaving some of the wood visible at the edge of each step.

Like a rug on a hard floor, you get the simple and stylish look of paint or varnish combined with the quiet comfort underfoot and stylish woven patterns that only carpet can offer.

Staircases can get the rough treatment, so you need a carpet that can take the hits and still go on looking beautiful.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess which carpets are tough enough.  Our supplier Alternative Flooring has a range of carpets recommended for stairs and landings because of their durability.

Stylish options for stairs

But whilst you want your stair runner to last a long time, the staircase is also a place where you can show off a bit of flamboyance if you fancy!

If you want a style that will endure as well as a durable runner, a striped carpet is always a popular choice. That’s because stripes work well with the angles of a staircase and you achieve spectacular results.

On the other hand if you want to make a statement, it’s also perfectly permissible to go a bit mad with your stair runner!  It doesn’t have to match everything else, consider it more like wall art!

Rolling out a runner for spring

Our supplier Alternative Flooring has a host of fabulous styles for spring including their new “Authentic Lucienne” collection.

“Quirky by name and definitely quirky by nature, our new fashionable British crafted collection of carpet runners takes its cue from true Brit style. An on trend range of runners for stairs and hallways, packed with pattern, full of colour, designed with bravado and boasting a hip mix of styles.”

Click here to view the Alternative Flooring new look stair runners

The practicalities – whipping and selvedge/selvage!

Whipping is the process of making the edges of a carpet or rug look neat by binding them and stops the edges of your carpet runner fraying over time – exactly as with a rug.

A selvage (sometimes spelt selvedge) is a tightly woven edge of a fabric which prevents the side edges of the fabric from unravelling or fraying.  Many stair runners come with the selvage included as part of the width of the runner.

Fitting your stair carpet

Measuring and fitting carpet in the most economical way can be tricky, even more so when it comes to stairs. Our floor fitting service will solve that problem by coming and taking all the measurements for you and fitting with the appropriate adhesive and grippers.  

By the way if you’re laying carpet elsewhere in your home as well, your stair runner can even be fitted economically by making it from an offcut.  

The finishing touch: stair rods

Consider adding a finishing touch with something extra stylish, like stair rods. These decorative metal batons sit at the base of each step. Plus, they do more than keeping your stair runner in place, as they’ll also add a final flourish to your new staircase.

Call in for a chat!

As ever we’re here to help with all your decision making, so pop in
Mon-Fri 9am – 4pm or if more convenient give us a ring on 01590 675955.

Guidance for dealing with wine and wax spills

Coping with Christmas Carpet Crises

Dealing with the aftermath of spills: from wine to candle waxSpilled wine on carpet

Christmas is coming and with it all sorts of seasonal hazards like a full glass of  red wine knocked out of somebody’s hand and wax from those beautiful candles somehow going everywhere – just two examples pertinent to carpets!

Help is at hand – here are our pearly words of wisdom on dealing with wine which has spilled and wax which has dripped onto the carpet.

Wine and other liquid spills – act fast!

Aim to deal with the spill quickly and in the right way as below, to avoid long-term damage.

To remove the stain:

  • DO NOT rub the surface of the pile.
  • Blot with surgical spirit (available at chemists).
  • Then use a detergent vinegar solution*, a little at a time. (Mix up one teaspoonful of gentle detergent for washing woollens, to half a pint (0.3 litres) of warm water. Then add one teaspoonful of white (not malt) vinegar).
  • Work from the outer edge of the stain inwards and frequently blot with dry cloths.
  • Spray a solution of one-part white vinegar and four parts water over the stained area
  • DO NOT over-soak the stain (try to keep the carpet as dry as possible)
  • Blot dampened area (do not rub) to remove excess moisture.
  • Spread white kitchen towel (stacked 6-8 sheets deep) or absorbent cloth over the affected area and place a weight, such as a heavy book, on top.
  • Leave overnight and repeat if necessary

Spilled candle wax Wax spillage – the melted wax will quickly re-solidify 

  • Scrape up the excess as carefully as you can with a blunt knife or a plastic spatula.
  • Vacuum up the pieces to avoid rubbing the carpet.
  • Dampen a white cotton towel, fold it in half and place it over the wax.
  • Press an iron set on “high” over the towel for 10 seconds. The heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and into the towel.
  • Repeat until the wax is gone (you may have to hold the iron in place for up to 30 seconds). If the towel dries out, re-wet it, and if it becomes loaded with wax, grab another one.
  • DO NOT use paper with the iron as it may overheat and burn the carpet.

The above guidance is as recommended by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association)

Some carpet stains will be more difficult to deal with, but according to the NCCA, the process outlined above should help prevent some quite common and expensive DIY stain removal damage. There can never be a guarantee of complete removal of a stain, but if you do have to call in the professionals this emergency action will have made eventual success more likely.

You should always test any solution/detergent on an inconspicuous area of carpet prior to treating a stain and be sure to use detergents at recommended dilution ratios. Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent spotting material not directly onto the carpet.

Peace of mind for the future – protection for your carpets!

We always recommend Stainshield, which forms an invisible shield around your carpets and furnishings, making spills and stains easier to remove. It will not affect the colour, feel or texture while still retaining fire retardant properties.

New Year Sale from 4th January if you decide on a new carpet!

Our New Year Sale will start when we re-open on 4 January.

So don’t fight the crowds for a Boxing Day “bargain” – which isn’t!

Take a proper break over Christmas and get better overall value on a new carpet by dealing with the expert, friendly professionals at John Cooper Carpets!

Fun with colours - Margo Selby's rug

Ring the changes with a new rug

Ring the changes with a rug

There’s still time – just – for a new rug for Christmas

A new rug for a new look and to please all usersIt’s a fact that home owners are increasingly choosing hard surface floors for most if not all of the ground floor.  (We still think a carpet for the living room is the all round better solution but there are lots of reasons why people will opt for a hard floor for the whole of their downstairs area.)

But then, for reasons of practicality as well as aesthetics many people will then wish to cover part of these areas.  Do check out our previous article about rugs and how they complement hard surface floors: how fabulous they can look, how they absorb noise, add comfort, provide warmth and create areas which “ground” the furniture.

A new rug for a new look

Of course you can also swap one rug for another according to the season, and from room to room as well to ring the changes.  A new rug can create a completely new look for your room reflecting your mood or a fashion trend.  And deciding to buy a fun new rug doesn’t have the serious long term connotations as when you’re considering investing in a whole new carpet.

Alternative Flooring:  quality, colourful, quirky and British!

What’s more thanks to suppliers like Alternative Flooring, design led British company whose fabulous characterful and quirky carpets and rugs are made from top quality natural fabrics, you can have a totally unique rug made precisely to your specification.

And the best news is that if you get your skates on you may still be able to get a rug made in time for Christmas.  Give us a ring or better still come and have a chat!

Meanwhile feel free to borrow some inspiration from Alternative Flooring’s  “Rug Stars”!

Colourful and a little crazyRug Stars discuss the inspiration for their bespoke rugs

Award-winning woven textile designer Margo Selby has chosen one of her own designs:  Stripe Frolic Westbrook, with inner Double Piping Cotton Border in Pink and an outer Stripes Thick Black border.

“I also have the Frolic Westbrook design on a staircase and it always gets comments from visitors on how vibrant it is. I feel it brings an injection of joy to an area of the house that can often get neglected.”

“I’ve been trying my rug in both my home studio and living room. The great thing about a rug is that it’s transferable, from room to room and house to house. I love change and recently moved house, it’s refreshing to bring familiar items into a new space and play with them to find them a new home.”

“The simple stripe design of Frolic Westbrook features colours that come from my colour palette theory of pairing dark and light, highlight and bright colours. The outcome is balanced but also interesting and playful.”

Monochrome and stylish

Meanwhile Kate Watson-Smyth is a Journalist and the Interiors Blogger of “Mad About The House” – a fantastic reference book for modern living.

Monochrome stylish rug for 17 year old boy's bedroom

In this instance she needed a rug for her 17 year old son’s bedroom, which was a fairly tight brief given that he only likes black and grey.  But the result – Wool Pebble Stade with a thick stripe grey border – is both smart and stunning!

Kate explains that her design inspirations come from anywhere and everywhere including “restaurant loos as they quite often use amazing tiles and decor effects to make the most of a small space” and hotel rooms which also often have to fit a lot into a small space.

Create a bespoke rug

You can create your own unique bespoke rug too. Find more “Rug Star” inspiration on the Alternative Flooring website – or if your appetite has now been whetted just come in and we’ll take a look at their books and samples together!

Call us (01590 675955) or call in Mon-Fri 9am–4pm, or email and we’ll fix a time to meet:

Contemporary striped carpet from Greendale Carpets

Flooring trends and practical realities, by Alan

Cosy comfortable carpets, grey is the colour, stripes are in too!

A realistic down to earth take on flooring trends from the Lymington oracle: Alan

The annual Flooring Show, the UK’s flagship national flooring event, took place in Harrogate last month.

Supported by key industry bodies such as the Contract Flooring Association, National Institute of Carpet & Floorlayers and the Flooring Industry Training Association and bringing together all areas of the industry, the Show celebrated its 56th birthday this year and continues to be the best-loved and biggest event on the industry’s calendar.

And some of the discussions were quite profound.  There was talk about how increasing populations and environmental challenges combined with the momentum towards compact living and multi-use spaces and the increasing emphasis on “wellbeing”, will require flooring products to be created that are adaptable, that transform and are multi-purpose.  “They should be fluid just like the spaces in which they will be used…grounding, calming, comforting… often connecting us with the environment and cultural heritage.”  (More along these lines here)

Back on earth in Lymington, here’s our personal local expert take on current and upcoming flooring trends.

Loop pile is the style and grey is the colour!Grey is the new beige in carpets, finally

Loop pile is the style, grey is the new beige.  That’s because carpets and floors are always last on the act!  In fact if you buy Homes & Gardens and see emerging trends, it’ll be at least two years before carpets catch up – but since most people mostly want neutral colours it’s fairly academic!

Carpets are in!

Carpets are still regarded by we Northern Europeans as the flooring of choice for everything except the kitchen, utility room and maybe the hallway.

People who choose hard floors for the living room usually end up covering a large area of it with a rug.  The fact remains that in winter especially, a large reception where sitting still is the main activity is much more comfortable for relaxing in if it’s covered in carpet.

The acoustics are different – softer!  The ambient temperature is kinder.  It just feels quieter, and more relaxing.

Contemporary striped carpet from Greendale CarpetsStripes and more stripes!

Stripes are very popular at the moment for common areas – and stripey custom made stair carpets are a la mode too.

A new carpet for Christmas?

There’s just about time still…

We’re the local stockist for Greendale Carpets and they are well up on all the trends, with plenty of tasteful stripes as well as all the plain colours you could imagine to complement your colour scheme.

Greendale is a big cooperative carpet buying group with fantastic stock holding facilities, owned by its local independent retailers members like John Cooper Carpets.  Do read more about Greendale here, it will give you the confidence that we independents really can provide great quality at competitive prices, in fact we dare to say it even more boldly: better carpet quality for the price.

Whether you’re looking for plain greys, colourful stripes or have other ideas, there is sure to be a quality Greendale carpet for your requirements.National Wool Week - or Month

By the way if wool is your choice, National Wool “Week” is so popular it’s taken over the whole of the month of October.  We’re always delighted to share our love of wool carpets!

Come in and have a chat with Alan Mon-Fri 9am – 4pm, or email

The importance of underlay

The importance of underlay

“Underlay” may sound boring but it’s incredibly useful!

Do I really need new underlay when I’m buying a new carpet?

The simple answer is yes – and here’s why.

In the olden days newspaper was used as underlay!  Which certainly indicates that its usefulness has long been well known.

And although it may seem wasteful to spend money on something you don’t even see, in fact the underlay is just as important as the carpet, and carpet fitting should never be carried out without an underlay first – the only exception is if the carpet you choose already has a really thick backing.  But that’s exceptionally thick, which very few are.

In fact the quality of the underlay is really as important as that of the carpet itself and for plenty of good reasons. .

Above all, underlay helps your carpet last longer

Your carpet’s underlay helps to protect your carpet against the inevitable wear and tear that comes with time,  which helps your carpet to last longer.  Which will potentially repay your investment in it, well before any other factors are considered!

Underlay helps minimise noiseUnderlay helps to insulate your home

Carpet underlay can help to reduce heat loss.  So another part of the investment is repaid by the saving in energy bills and actually keeping the room warmer – and feeling cosier.

Underlay helps to reduce noise – and stress levels too!

The thickness of the underlay will determine the amount of noise reduction it can provide.  But any underlay should to some extent help to reduce noise, for example of heavy footsteps or furniture being moved.  There’s enough noise everywhere else, minimising it where we can definitely helps minimise stress levels too!

Underlay helps to minimise marks and dents – pristine carpet for longer

You’ll probably have noticed how heavy furniture can leave marks on soft carpets which don’t disappear once the furniture is moved.  However a good underlay will cushion that same soft carpet and minimise both the likelihood and the seriousness of indentation marks.  Which of course will help keep your carpet looking at its best.  Which will increase your enjoyment of it too!

Underlay provides extra comfortUnderlay helps insulate your home

The extra layer of padding makes for a more comfortable and cosy carpet underfoot, which is something you’ll appreciate daily.  for the whole of the life of the carpet

How do I know which underlay I need?

So now you understand why you need to have carpet underlay, let’s take a look at which will be best for your carpet.

Soft or firm?

Depending on which room in the house the carpet is intended for will depend on which underlay is best to use.  For instance, if you are laying carpet over a hard floor which will receive a lot of foot traffic, such as the living room, then a firmer underlay will be the best option and offer the most protection. Whereas, a bedroom which receives less footfall will be happier with a soft underlay which will also provide greater softness underfoot.


Traditional felt underlay is not as easily obtainable as it used to be, but still remains the most hardwearing underlay available.  It is also the most environmentally friendly, often made from recycled fibre too.


Rubber is a tough underlay so it’s ideal for commercial use and also for the heavy foot traffic areas in the house. It is available as “waffle” rubber and “crumb” rubber.

Most modern carpet underlays have tog ratings to help customers gauge their thickness. Similar to duvets, the tog rating will indicate the thermal insulation too.

How to fit a new underlay and carpet

For the best results a new and firm underlay should be laid on a clean dry floor. It should be fixed by tacks or tape, with joins butted together. This will stop movement of the underlay when the carpet is laid. The carpet should be stretched evenly and held on a carpet gripper which has been pre-nailed to the perimeter of the room. This will help the pile of the carpet to sit upright, giving the best resilience to foot traffic – and also helps to reduce the wear of your carpet.

But we’ll take care of all that for you of course – just come in and have a chat with Alan Mon-Fri 9am – 4pm, or email

Mabel will normally be here to greet you as well – and with water bowl at the ready will also greet any canine companions of yours!

PS  For more information about underlay Alan recommends looking at the websites of Ball and Young and Interfloor.


Carpet moths on carpet

A moth free carpet for your Lymington or New Forest property

No moths in your carpet! 

The magic words:  vacuum and polypropylene

Carpets and moths – the lowdownCarpet moths on carpet

Moths ate their way through clothes, carpets and curtains in record numbers in 2017 and look set to continue in similar style this year.

Moths’ caterpillar larvae feed on protein found in natural materials such as wool, silk, and fur, and rough edged holes in clothing or bare patches appearing on carpets and rugs indicate an infestation is underway.


Moths are more prevalent in the south of the UK where it’s warmer, and they tend to produce in spring hence the proverbial “spring cleaning”.   From time to time we are presented with evidence of moth infestation,  see charming close up!  And it’s a horrible job, to have to take up a moth ridden carpet!

In case you’re fascinated… female carpet moths can lay hundreds of eggs during their short lifespan of approximately two weeks. The eggs will be laid in dark undisturbed areas, like under rugs or furniture and towards the edges of fitted carpet. The eggs typically hatch within ten days. The larvae will happily feast on your carpets and clothes for many months. The moth larvae digest a protein called Keratin, which is found in wool. While the larvae remains undisturbed with a constant food source, they can live up to three years before developing into adults. The adults will then lay more eggs and the cycle starts all over again.  Adults do not eat wool – it’s the carpet moth larvae that cause the damage.

Prevention is the best cure

Moth infestations are notoriously challenging to deal with once established, because hiding places are many  especially in bedrooms with wardrobes and chests of drawers full of “stuff” and, believe it or not, moths love the inside of horsehair mattresses!

A good way to discourage moths in the first place is to ventilate rooms and let in as much daylight as possible.   Also, pull furniture away from walls to vacuum underneath, concentrating on the edges of carpets near the skirting boards. Vacuum both the front and the backs of rugs regularly.

You’ll find more useful tips on this website

Moths don’t like polypropylene

The most practical way to avoid the problem is to cut down the choice of moth habitats you offer in your home.

And if you choose one of the modern carpet materials you’ll be taking a big positive step, because moths hate polypropylene – they are unable to eat much of it at all, and provided no other sustenance is available they will eventually die out due to starvation.

Polypropylene has lots of benefits and is great value

bleach cleanable carpetsMore and more people are choosing polypropylene for lots of other good reasons too like being hard wearing, easy to clean after spills and stains, and coming in a multitude of colour choices.

Buying polypropylene might make sense to your wallet too but it’s definitely not about buying a “cheap” carpet, it’s about what’s better long term for your space.  And with new polypropylene ranges coming out all the time like our fantastic exclusive Greendale editions, you’ll be spoiled for choice and get excellent value too.

For those for whom nothing but wool will do…

…we can help you choose a wool carpet which has been pre-treated for moths.  Come and see our fabulous Ulster ranges. 

If you’d prefer to avoid carpet altogether…

…you’ll be impressed by the quality of our ranges of top quality vinyls.

Call or call in to John Cooper Carpets…

…for our renowned combination of free parking right outside the door, friendly atmosphere with absence of corporate clipboards, easy to browse display of all our ranges, a sit down on our comfy sofa with a cup of coffee, samples which you are welcome to borrow free of charge, expert advice and expertise on hand on all aspects of floor coverings and fittings, and finally all round great value prices!

We’re open Mondays to Fridays 9am – 4pm.  But if Saturday’s your best day we are happy to open up on request –  email or call us to make an appointment and you’ll effectively get a private viewing!


New carpet – order before Christmas at January Sale prices

January Sale On Now!

Order before Christmas and pay January Sale prices

Greendale carpet prices already competitive now have fantastic bargains on top

A selction of Twist Pile Carpets

Our fabulous Greendale Range of carpets is already incredibly competitively priced, and sale prices for January have now been announced too.

bleach cleanable carpetsIf you think you might need a new carpet  in the New Year and you have a little time to spare before Christmas, come and take a look now at our showroom already full of great offers – we can process your order at January prices for January delivery and job done!

While our fitters are racing around fitting in the pre-Christmas fittings our showroom is peaceful but the display cabinets are full of all the January bargains all set up and ready to go.

From beautiful wool to bleach cleanable polypropylene (in remarkably tasteful colours too) the choice is yours at your friendly, knowledgeable carpet store on the Ampress Park in Lymington (just opposite Screwfix!) with ample free customer parking outside.

Wool loop pile carpet

Our Greendale range of carpets guarantees great quality AND highly competitive carpet prices, on your doorstep in Lymington.  This is all thanks to our membership of the Greendale Buying Group.

We’re closing for our annual Christmas Holiday at lunchtime on Thursday 21 December, we’ll then be open again from 3 January 2018.  So if you know you need a new carpet do pop in now, you can borrow samples to get the colour exactly right, and we’ll make the whole process swift and painless so you can get back to the Christmas preparations!

Alan, David and the team at John Cooper Carpets!