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Buying a carpet or other floor covering

John Cooper Carpets selection of carpets and flooring

Buying a new carpet or floor covering should be a rewarding experience. Whether it’s for a new house, or refurbishment of your present home it will be a focal point, bringing colour and texture to your scheme. Carpets and flooring provide warmth and insulation as well as good looks. Unlike anything else in your home, however, you walk on it – so it has to be durable and fit for purpose.

When designing your interior you can explore many flooring possibilities: plain or patterned, traditional or contemporary, vibrant colours or restful pastels. At John Cooper Carpets we have a huge range of styles on offer and, combined with over 45 years in the business, can offer you valuable guidance and practical advice.

Here are our top 10 tips when buying a new carpet:

1) Visit your local independent retailer

You will find prices equal to or better than the multiple retailers – and a far greater levels of service. Carpet is now a highly technical product, advances in fibre technology and construction mean that it is more important than ever to get an expert’s advice.

Being a member of The Greendale Buying Group ensures that John Cooper Carpets can source UK and overseas ranges at extremely competitive prices, providing you with exceptional quality and value.

2) Make sure your floor covering is suitable for its intended location

Some carpets are not suitable for the stairs, for example, where there is a lot of wear, others are best suited to bedrooms or lounges. Bathrooms and kitchens need careful consideration because of the water and ease of cleaning. The wrong choice can lead to an expensive mistake!

3) Check what your carpet is made of

Wool, polyester, nylon, coir, even plastic bottles! Carpets are very technical products these days and all these different fibres perform in different ways which will affect wearability, appearance and cleanability.

4) Make sure you get a quote for the whole job to avoid surprises

The lowest ticket price may not be the lowest total price or guarantee the best job. Makes sure your price includes fitting underlay and door bars, together with furniture moving, carpet disposal and other services. Compare like with like.

5) Get your room professionally measured

Measurement and planning correctly to ensure maximum coverage for minimum waste. Most rooms are not square and knowing the size of your room accurately will also help us plan where a join may need to be – or even do away with one altogether.

6) Ask for a sample

How a carpet looks in a shop may be different to how it looks in your home with your own lighting conditions.

7) Get it fitted by an expert

Carpet is an expensive purchase and if its not fitted correctly you’ll not get the pleasure from it you deserve. We employ fitters who are highly trained and have many years of experience in different shapes and sizes of rooms.

8) Buy a new underlay

It will feel fantastic underfoot but more importantly will keep your new carpet looking better for longer and prolong its life by up to 40%! Underlay can also give the benefit of sound and heat insulation, comfort and appearance.

9) Buy the best you can afford

As with anything else in life you get what you pay for and floor coverings are certainly no exception. The right budget allocated to your carpet purchase will undoubtedly pay dividends!

10) Show your friends!

Your new carpet will make your room look better than ever, so be proud and show it off!

The time to purchase a new carpet is now!

Right now, prices are going up due to the currency situation and they will go up steeply once everybody has exhausted currency reserves and has to buy materials at the going rate. In fact, prices of carpets elsewhere have already gone up.

At John Cooper Carpets, across all our Greendale ranges, we are not increasing our prices until at least the middle of February.

So come and take a look at our comprehensive range and we’ll give you a quote! We’d also be delighted to visit you at home where we can measure up straight away – get in touch and we’ll organise a visit.



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