Guidance for dealing with wine and wax spills

Coping with Christmas Carpet Crises

Dealing with the aftermath of spills: from wine to candle waxSpilled wine on carpet

Christmas is coming and with it all sorts of seasonal hazards like a full glass of  red wine knocked out of somebody’s hand and wax from those beautiful candles somehow going everywhere – just two examples pertinent to carpets!

Help is at hand – here are our pearly words of wisdom on dealing with wine which has spilled and wax which has dripped onto the carpet.

Wine and other liquid spills – act fast!

Aim to deal with the spill quickly and in the right way as below, to avoid long-term damage.

To remove the stain:

  • DO NOT rub the surface of the pile.
  • Blot with surgical spirit (available at chemists).
  • Then use a detergent vinegar solution*, a little at a time. (Mix up one teaspoonful of gentle detergent for washing woollens, to half a pint (0.3 litres) of warm water. Then add one teaspoonful of white (not malt) vinegar).
  • Work from the outer edge of the stain inwards and frequently blot with dry cloths.
  • Spray a solution of one-part white vinegar and four parts water over the stained area
  • DO NOT over-soak the stain (try to keep the carpet as dry as possible)
  • Blot dampened area (do not rub) to remove excess moisture.
  • Spread white kitchen towel (stacked 6-8 sheets deep) or absorbent cloth over the affected area and place a weight, such as a heavy book, on top.
  • Leave overnight and repeat if necessary

Spilled candle wax Wax spillage – the melted wax will quickly re-solidify 

  • Scrape up the excess as carefully as you can with a blunt knife or a plastic spatula.
  • Vacuum up the pieces to avoid rubbing the carpet.
  • Dampen a white cotton towel, fold it in half and place it over the wax.
  • Press an iron set on “high” over the towel for 10 seconds. The heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and into the towel.
  • Repeat until the wax is gone (you may have to hold the iron in place for up to 30 seconds). If the towel dries out, re-wet it, and if it becomes loaded with wax, grab another one.
  • DO NOT use paper with the iron as it may overheat and burn the carpet.

The above guidance is as recommended by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association)

Some carpet stains will be more difficult to deal with, but according to the NCCA, the process outlined above should help prevent some quite common and expensive DIY stain removal damage. There can never be a guarantee of complete removal of a stain, but if you do have to call in the professionals this emergency action will have made eventual success more likely.

You should always test any solution/detergent on an inconspicuous area of carpet prior to treating a stain and be sure to use detergents at recommended dilution ratios. Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent spotting material not directly onto the carpet.

Peace of mind for the future – protection for your carpets!

We always recommend Stainshield, which forms an invisible shield around your carpets and furnishings, making spills and stains easier to remove. It will not affect the colour, feel or texture while still retaining fire retardant properties.

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