How do you know when it’s time for a new carpet?

And then how do you bring yourself to make the decision to actually replace your old one?

And then which carpet should you buy?

Easy-clean Greendale carpets are available in an array of natural colours

The answer to that question is simple: Pick one of the new easy-clean Greendale ranges in the most amazing array of natural looking colours – you’d never know it’s not wool and you don’t want wool anymore because of the moths!

The answers to the first two questions are not so straightforward.  As a lifelong carpet retailer who knows everything there is to know about flooring I’m still as careful with my money as the next person. Most of us have been living on the same or a lower income for the last few years and I’m the first to admit that for as long as there’s still life in a used carpet a replacement is not the most exciting reason to part with your hard earned cash!

So I asked one of our customers who recently shared her back story about why she was considering a new carpet to explain the steps to making the eventual decision.

A new carpet for Christmas – one customer’s decision making diary

“You know it’s finally time for a new carpet when the dog has virtually destroyed large sections of the old one while you’ve been out and accidentally left the living room door open.  On several different occasions, in a number of different places. Even if butter wouldn’t melt…

Mabel at John Cooper Carpets can help you choose your new carpet if you like!

“Somehow you hang on a little longer and move the furniture in an increasingly futile attempt to hide the damage, because you’re thinking that you really should redecorate first and there’s never time to do it, and then time goes by and you’re now planning a Christmas party and sod’s law if you buy a new carpet beforehand drinks will for sure get spilled on it.

“But let’s take a look, I’m going to Screwfix in Lymington anyway and it’s easy to pop in to John Cooper Carpets and see what Alan has to say and what new carpets he has in this autumn. (JCC is just across the road from Screwfix and there’s usually a parking place literally outside the door.) 

“As Alan points out, the new carpets from Greendale won’t mind a spill, because they have a protective coating in any case which buys rescue time, plus they’re bleach cleanable too.

“And they won’t make too big a dent in the finances because they are so reasonably priced. And we’ve been hanging on for a while now.

Endeavour carpet range from Greendale

“So next I’m walking out of Alan’s Ampress Park showroom armed with the sample book of the Endeavour range Alan has just shown me, which I have to say I really like even though it’s not a wool carpet.  And actually I’m nervous of wool carpets now anyway.  We have been much more aware of moths in the last couple of years.  Maybe it’s another climate change related difference but there are more of them about and we have heard some awful stories from friends about moths rampaging through their wool carpets. Let’s avoid that risk in future at least!

“Then I’m home and looking at Greendale Endeavour ‘Cumulus’ and ‘Mortar’ in different lights and against both the existing carpet and our various pieces of furniture. These colours are so good. So beautifully neutral, in fact “Mortar” actually goes better with our furniture than our old carpet. And the Endeavour range really looks and feels quality.

“Next step Alan comes to measure, and in fact the quote is quite a lot less than I’d feared a new carpet would cost us.

“So in the end a quick decision – and we WILL have a new carpet for Christmas!”

So do pop to the well-stocked and welcoming John Cooper Carpets showroom on Ampress Park (follow the signs to Screwfix and we’re almost opposite). There is easy and free parking outside. And a cup of coffee too if you have time!