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The telltale signs you need a new carpet

The Telltale Signs You Need A New Carpet

Whether or not for Christmas it’s a win win with John Cooper Carpets…

There are merits to having a new carpet or even a new mat to welcome your guests for Christmas, but the Festive Season is also prime time for spills so maybe best to postpone fitting until the New Year.

Meanwhile if some of these signs are familiar it’s probably time for a new carpet for your own delight – whether before or after Christmas.

Greendale Carpets stayclean serene twist available from John Cooper Carpets

Stubborn Stains 

Your lovely new carpet was pristine and pleasing to the eye, soft and bouncy to the foot, made you feel proud.  Then came parties, children,  pets, and those inevitable clumsy moments.

If you’re hiding an increasing number of stubborn stains with strategically placed furniture, it’s time for a new carpet!

Here at John Cooper Carpets Lymington we offer a wide choice of excellent quality stain resistant carpets from our brilliant value Greendale range, as well as alternative types of flooring and fabulous rugs  (matching socks not included).

Unseasonal “Scents”

Are you spraying freshener on carpets to camouflage smells? No matter how careful you are, the fibres in carpets attract and hold dust and moisture which eventually turns to musty smelling mildew especially when pets lie on them too.  At John Cooper Carpets we can advise on odour-resistant carpets too.

Worn Patches  

Threadbare areas and frayed edges, scratched by the dog or cat for good measure? Replacing with John Cooper Carpets is so easy – either come to the showroom or we’ll be happy to visit with samples.  The newest ranges include some exceptionally tough carpet options too for well used areas too – let us show you!

Limp & lifeless underlay

Less than a spring in your step? Underlay makes a huge difference!  Spills are also over time absorbed by the underlay. If you want to enjoy the sensation of thick, comfy carpet underfoot again, talk to us at John Cooper Carpets.  A good quality underlay is a sensible investment which we’ll explain.

Sneezes and wheezes

It may not be a seasonal sniffle!  Allergens live in the crevices and fibres of older carpets, which can increase allergy symptoms and is another good reason to refresh flooring.  If allergies are a serious issue we’ll show you some alternative flooring solutions to carpet as well.

 “That’s the carpet my granny had in her house”

You know a style overhaul is due!  Whatever your budget and whether you prefer contemporary or traditional, we have options for all tastes from our fantastic range of Greendale carpets to rugs and runners like this from Alternative Floorings.

Carpet for Christmas or New Year Sale Deal!

Here at John Cooper Carpets in Lymington we are fitting carpets right up to the last few days before Christmas – but you will need to book this week.  So if you know you want it for Christmas call us now.

Alternatively by mid December we can give you a New Year delivery deal based on our January Sale prices.

So either way give us a ring, email  or call in to our convenient showroom on Ampress Park (opposite Screwfix) and let us take you through the options!

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