More detailed information about Natural Fibre Carpets

Here’s some additional information about natural fibre carpets, fitting them, costs and stain resistance treatment.

Pile Direction

Most naturals have little or no discernible nap. This is far less prone to crushing, and it also much reduces the tendency of rugs to creep. Naturals are therefore an excellent choice for clients who need a base to show off a rug collection.

Even though naturals are almost nap-free, it is nevertheless essential to ensure that all widths used are running in the same direction. Seams in all naturals tend to be more obvious than in normal pile carpets, and wisps and sprags are a feature.


Installation of Natural Fibre Carpets

The main point to remember always, is that they are best when stuck direct to a dry, flat surface. These materials absorb a great deal of moisture in wet or humid conditions, and they often try to shrink or expand in sympathy with the weather conditions. Direct adhesion to the floor improves the stability of the installation enormously. We have fitted the better qualities onto special hard-rubber underlay using the Gates Contract, or Duralay Durafit systems (this system is essential for contract installations.) On other occasions a standard fitting technique, but using double grippers to improve the stretch has been successful, but it is not ideal, and not recommended by the makers/importers.

The Ideal Installation

The ideal installation would comprise:

  • A floor sealing coat, or on an uneven wood floor, a close-nailed 4/6 mm ply-wood layer.
  • For permanent installation: direct over-all adhesion of hard underlay.
  • For removable installation: direct overall adhesion with special underlay and ‘peel-up’ adhesive.
  • Direct over-all adhesion of carpet to the underlay.
  • Application of stain-resistant treatment.There are now quite a number of retail outlets selling naturals, but in our experience, very few have the expertise that is essential if the completed installation is to offer lasting service. We have seen some desperately poor installations, most of which cannot be improved.

More information about underlay.

The Final Cost of Natural Fibre Carpets

Properly installed, “naturals” are not a cheap option. The price of the broadloom material is modest enough, but additional fitting materials and the cost of installation are much greater than with standard carpet types.

Light Protection

With the improvement in modern dyestuffs, carpets are very much more resistant to colour fading than they used to be. Nevertheless, no manufacturer offers an absolute guarantee against fading in sunlight. This is perhaps more of a concern when dealing with high quality carpets which may be in place for many years. Sun blinds help.

Bound Natural Fibre Rugs

Natural fibre carpets can be cut to any rectangular size (up to the maximum width) and bound all round. Obviously, the wastage has to be paid for.

Natural Fibre Carpets at John Cooper Carpets

We have now been supplying carpets in the Lymington and New Forest areas for more than thirty years. During that time, in Lymington alone, nine other carpet shops have opened for business, then subsequently closed down. During the same time, and despite the competition, we have thrived. We believe that it is our policy of offering the best carpets at the most competitive prices, that has proved successful. We aim to give our customers good advice, and the very best value always. Our quotations note that we will not be knowingly undersold.

Intec® Stain-resistance treatment

Many clients have asked about this treatment, and we are now able to offer it as part of our fitting service. When done properly, it is not a cheap addition to the quotation, but it offers greatly increased stain and soiling resistance, and, particularly in the case of light-coloured materials, greater peace of mind. We will be pleased to quote for it as an optional extra. The fitting of most ‘naturals’ without additional stain resistance is a pure act of faith.