Polyprop Carpets

Polypropylene carpets

The benefits of ‘modern lifestyle’ carpets

In the last 5 years we have seen a massive shift towards the sale of more polypropylene carpets over more tradition wool blends. They are of much better quality than they used to be and are extremely good value.

  • Stain/soiling resistance
  • Mothproof
  • Bleach cleanable
  • 30 contemporary colours
  • Lower prices

bleach cleanable carpetsStain resistance and bleach cleanable carpets

Polypropylene is not dyed to a particular colour, it is made using yarn that is manufactured from the chosen colour. Like a stick of rock it has the colour all the way through.

Polyprop is bleach cleanable- you can clean using a bleach solution without removing the colour. Remove the stain not the colour.


Mothproof carpets

Polypropylene carpets are the best option for a customer who has had a bad experience with carpet moth. Over the last 20 years we have seen a dramatic increase in the occurrence of carpet moth, it seems the little ‘blighters’ have become immune to treatments. Polypropylene is great because being a man-made fibre it is not part of the diet of the moths.

Great prices

Polyprop is much cheaper than wool blends. The cost of Wool has increased by about a third in the last few years. Polypropylene has matched inflation and has dramatically improved in performance, looks and feel. A good quality 2-ply polyprop carpet is a viable alternative to a good wool carpet, saving about 25% on a like for like basis.


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