Velvet Carpets

Luxurious flooring

Velvet CarpetsDespite the great swing towards twist pile carpets, velvet pile carpets are still the choice of devoted clientele. There are those who believe that no carpet, other than a fine velvet Wilton, is truly a carpet.

– Beautiful and luxurious carpets

– High quality

– Dense and soft

– Intec Stain Treatment offered

Although velvet carpets are more expensive than other carpet types they are less expensive than they’re ever been before.


They are usually chosen by people planning to stay in their home long-term as qood quality velvet carpets can last a generation or more.

John Cooper Carpets offer great prices, service, fitting. Pop down to our showroom on Ampress Lane, Lymington to have a look at the wide range of carpets available. Our team will be happy to provide advice, answer any questions you have or arrange to measure your home.


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