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New range of vinyl floorings

A new vinyl floor for spring

Come and see our new selection of vinyl floorings at John Cooper Carpets

Beau Flor vinyl flooring

The latest range of Beau Flor vinyl flooring is available at John Cooper Carpets

Hard wearing and practical, the new season’s high quality vinyl floorings now in stock at John Cooper Carpets also come in a great range of styles including wood effect and modern.

With patterns and colours ranging from subtle to exuberant, there’s a vinyl floor to suit many more rooms than you may previously have considered.

Vinyl flooring has come of age and it’s a far cry from the vinyls of even a decade ago when they were rather out of fashion. The vinyls of today are very much “in”- and for good reason.

The many benefits of vinyl floorings

Warm and comfortable underfoot, easy to clean, no maintenance, and above all good looking too, they’re suitable for every room in the house.

They’re also fantastic value.

So at John Cooper Carpets and Floorings we’ve taken a big decision. We have discontinued our previous selection of wooden floors in our showroom at Ampress Park, and have instead increased our range and stock of vinyl flooring.

Having for a long time maintained a small selection of wooden floors, we have replaced them with a fabulous new range of quality, practical hard wearing and attractive vinyl floor options.

This decision was not taken lightly.  But it was made for what we believe is a good reason and that’s quality.

Beau Flor vinyl flooring

John Cooper Carpets can advise you on the best floor coverings, including Beau Flor

Put simply, the vast majority of wooden floors available today at prices which people want to pay, are not in our opinion of sufficiently high quality for us to believe we should be selling them.

Whereas the new ranges of quality vinyl floorings are absolutely brilliant value for money.

So if you visit us this spring you’ll find on display a vastly expanded range of lovely vinyl floorings all of which despite being of the highest quality, are also priced to match most households’ expectations.

If you haven’t previously visited us and experienced our legendary friendly expertise, make this spring the time to do it!

Opposite Screwfix on Ampress Park

The easiest way to direct you to our Ampress Park showroom is to say follow the signs to Screwfix and we’re just opposite, with free parking right outside the door.

Along with our comprehensive range of carpets (including the latest exclusive arrivals from Greendale), our vinyls are also displayed at a comfortable height for inspection – no heavy lifting from the floor is needed.

Have a coffee and fire questions at us!

We’d love to offer you a tea or coffee while you’re looking around – and if there are other carpet and flooring matters you’d like to discuss at the same time please take advantage of our knowledge and love of sharing it!

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