Weird and wonderful carpets

A Carpet made of Paper?

Well, such a carpet does exist – but what happens when it gets wet?!

It’s April 1 and we know carpets and floorcoverings aren’t the most scintillating subject so forgive our small subterfuge to get you here but now you are, do take a look at our fabulous new vinyl floorings – brilliantly practical as well as smart and attractive too.

And, we’re open this morning between 10 and 1 – so do pop in and have a proper look at our new range of vinyls, and also our practical bleach cleanable carpets!

We’re opposite Screwfix on Ampress  or give us a ring on 01590 675955 – we’ll be ready for your return April Fool!!

PS  Here’s the paper carpet article if you’re interested!



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